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Improvements in forking, threading, and signal code

I am improving signaling code in the NetBSD kernel, covering corner
cases with regression tests, and improving the documentation. I've been
working at the level of sytems calls (syscalls): forking, threading,
handling these with GDB, and tracing syscalls. Some work happens behind
the scenes as I support the work of Michal Gorny on LLDB/ptrace features.

Plan for the next milestone

I will visit BSDCan this month to speak about NVMM and HAXM. I will
resume my work on forking and threading bugs after the conference. The
lwp_exit() and wait() race will be prioritized as it affects most
current users. After resolving this problem, I will be back to
posix_spawn(2), followed by addressing vfork(2) races.

This work was sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation.

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