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Strange build failures

The epoc32 build for HEAD on the autobuild cluster fails with:

nbmkdep: /home/builds/ab/HEAD/epoc32/201808111340Z-tools/bin/arm--netbsdelf-arm-gcc: not found: No such file or directory
--- arc4.d ---

This is very late in the build and:
===> TOOLDIR path:        /home/builds/ab/HEAD/epoc32/201808111340Z-tools

so that directory is correct but the gcc binary name is ... strange?
Something wrong with make variable expansion or someone broke a makefile?

Also the acorn32 build fails:

rm -f netbsd-INSTALL.gz
cp: /home/builds/ab/HEAD/acorn32/201808111340Z-dest/usr/mdec/boot32,ffa: No such
 file or directory
--- tmp/BtNetBSD ---

and it looks like this file just has not been build "in time" for this cp.

Please someone have a look and fix it ;-)


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