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Re: bmake: variable modifiers in SysV include

On Apr 4, 10:10am, kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost (Robert Elz) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bmake: variable modifiers in SysV include

| Is there some reason a var that is only ever 0 or 1 needs to
| be a size_t ?   It should be const.

It does not matter, the compiler DTRT's and it is an index.

| (It could also be just:
| 	const int o = line[0] == 's' || line [0] == '-';
| though I know some people really dislike using C like this for
| some bizarre reason -- it is the way it is defined to work, and it
| is simpler and easier to follow.)

I've been burned by pre-ansi compilers that did TRUE = -1 (mac) and
since then I can't bring myself to trust them :-)

| 	static const char include[] = "include";
| and use "sizeof include - 1" (probably via a #define, or
| another const int)?


| (And of couse use this instead of the string "include" in
| the strncmp.)



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