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Re: bmake: variable modifiers in SysV include

In article <>,
Pietro Cerutti  <> wrote:
>see below my original message to a FreeBSD mailing list, which I'm 
>forwarding here sa per Simon's suggestion.
>Anybody with historical memory on SysV-style "include" directive in 
>bmake can shed a light on why an include is prevented if a colon is 
>found in the parsed line?

Yes, although I should stop admitting stuff like that because it shows
my age (but also my good memory retention) :-)

It was to provide compatibility for targets called "include".
I.e. if it has a : it is probably a dependency line not an include



$ touch bar.h
$ cat << EOF > m2
include foo.h: bar.h
	@echo out[$@] in[$>]
$ make -f m2
out[include] in[bar.h]
$ gmake -f m2
m2:2: foo.h:: No such file or directory
m2:3: *** recipe commences before first target.  Stop.

I guess it can be removed :-)


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