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GCC headers for sanitizers

I propose to merge the following patch:

It addresses reports such as:
"Missing headers in distribution for GCC sanitizers"

There is an option to install all the headers available regardless of
the support quality. This applies for example for lsan_interface.h.

Another option is to install the headers only for those ports that are
supported. This means that future msan_interface.h will land amd64, but
not i386. And asan_interface.h could be removed from e.g. atari.

I propose a patch installing all headers for sanitizers that are
supported on any of the ports. The size of files is relatively small -
36K (allocator_interface.h, asan_interface.h, common_interface_defs.h
tsan_interface_atomic.h). This is a cost of preventing an introduction
of a per-port switch.

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