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Re: Toolifying nbmake properly?

In article <>,
Valery Ushakov  <> wrote:
>What about the attached patch?
>Providing a default for NETBSDSRCDIR in is just a
>precaution, as should always set it.
>My change to sets.subr to use explicit -m should probably stay b/c I
>think in theory we still support no-tools in-place builds, in which
>case we do want host's make to use mk files from the tree.  This is
>normally taken care of with MAKEFLAGS, but we unset it there.

That's ok with me.

>kre@ - do you remember the reason for that change to drop it?

If you try make -n or any other flags that change execution, then
the sub-make output is affected and the scripts break.


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