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Re: Symbol versioning

There's a cvs branch I made that does symbol versioning -- agc-symver

I remember it did the job it was meant to, but I would have needed way more perseverance to implement it for the whole of src.

FWIW, the implementation was taken from FreeBSD, but their docs are out of date, the perl-script-translated-into-awk is way too large and intrusive, and their naming scheme has changed over time to omit the os version, and to just use the lib name/version

Whatever, FreeBSD has had symbol versioning for a while, we don't, and I suck.

I know joerg also has some opinions on this, my aim was to get something in place and refine it later.


On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 22:16 <> wrote:
Anyone have a drawer implementation of missing bits?
I'm not sure what I'm dealing with, but GCC 7 is extremely broken on
netbsd probably due to the lack of it. I can't build a fortran hello

I made a bug report:

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