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On May 2,  9:06pm, (Kamil Rytarowski) wrote:
-- Subject: LLDB/NetBSD May

| I put a summary of April achievements here:

Thanks, that looks great.

| The plan for the next milestone is continuing development of threads in
| the NetBSD Process Plugin. I will need to work more on correctness of
| ptrace(2) calls as new issues were detected in setups with threads that
| resulted in crashes.

Makes sense. I will try to help.
| There is also ongoing work on a new build node running NetBSD-current
| (prerelease of 8) and building LLVM+Clang+LLDB. I'm working on enabling
| unit tests to catch functional regressions quickly. The original LLDB
| node cluster was privately funded by myself in the last two years and
| has been switched to a machine hosted by The NetBSD Foundation.
| To keep this machine up and running (8 CPU, 24 GB RAM) community support
| through donations is required. This is crucial to actively maintain the
| LLVM toolchain (Clang, LLDB and others) on NetBSD.

Why don't we run this in one of our machines?


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