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Re: Building on OS X - how?

> On 12/08/2016, at 3:34 AM, Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:
> It's curious that this doesn't break the tools build, and doesn't
> prevent using the built tools to build a kernel!  If this can break
> the cross-build of the target compiler, I think we must have suddenly
> sprouted a rather serious instance of host/target confusion.

I’ve been trying to find when this breakage occurred, but I’ve given up because it seems to have been around for some months at least and other occasional compile problems with the tree aren’t helping be pick arbitrary dates in the past to build in.

I think you are right about the host/target confusion because the error messages refer to /usr/bin/cc and x86_68. I can also see Mach-O format object files outside the tools object directory, which I assume to be a sign of something going badly wrong.

I’ll try following mrg’s suggestion and see what I get.


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