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re: Building on OS X - how?

Thor Lancelot Simon writes:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 04:05:06PM +0100, Robert Swindells wrote:
> > 
> > >2) /usr/bin/cc:
> > >    Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_iconv"
> > >    in external/gpl3/gcc/usr.bin/backend
> > 
> > This should be in libc.
> For what value of "should"?  _iconv is in the implementation-defined
> namespace.
> It's curious that this doesn't break the tools build, and doesn't
> prevent using the built tools to build a kernel!  If this can break
> the cross-build of the target compiler, I think we must have suddenly
> sprouted a rather serious instance of host/target confusion.

this fails building the native gcc, which requires a bunch of host
tools to run.  going on your following post, there is a problem
with genmatch.  i don't have access to any osx to test, so i'm not
sure where to start looking.  there aren't too many rules used in
the creation of "genmatch" binary - can you run "make cleandir"
in usr.bin/backend/ and then "make MAKEVERBOSE=2 genmatch", and
post all the commands run?  there probably will be a configure
run in here, and perhaps the output of it also matters.


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