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Re: GCC 5.x and ia64 and MKMAINTAINERTOOLS failing

matthew green <> writes:
> yeah - i'm not 100% sure what the answer here is yet, but i'll get
> to it soon.
> for now, please switch back to GCC 4.8 for testing and please
> merge your changes from PR 51261 :)  i had forgotten about this
> PR when i made some of the same changes while trying to get the
> build to work, sorry for stepping on some of your work.

I tested a kernel, loader.efi, skiload and ski kernel with the new tools
and the all work the same as the old, so I would say it is fine to
switch anytime.

I probably should have refreshed memories about PR 51261, but it is no
worries.  Feel free to make any changes needed.

For my own reference and others interested, here are links that discusses
the [XF|TF]MODE settings (80/128 bit floating point), and libquadmath
which I think was added in gcc 4.6, and ia64 fp which seems "unique".
But as you say, this is all premature for ia64 anyway.

Thanks very much for the help

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