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make: compat.c why Lst_Replace(cmdNode ?

Wondering if anyone knows the reason why
CompatRunCommand does

Lst_Replace(cmdNode, cmdStart);

and later

Lst_Replace(cmdNode, NULL);

which first replaces the entry in gn->commands with its expanded form
and then clobbers it.
The logic was in rev 1.1, so its possible know one knows...

The reason I ask, is that the above means that by the time we get to
PrintOnError() we cannot print the commands of the failed target in
compat mode - though works fine in jobs mode.

Aparently for folk using jenkins the ability to report the commands of
the failed target would be useful.

Removing the above Lst_Replace calls does not appear to make any
difference beyond making gn->commands availabe in PrintOnError().

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