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MKREPRO and binary paths.

As part of the MKREPRO changes we are trying to "normalize" source and
object paths that are embedded in binaries. Since the command line option
itself is embedded in the binary, it has to be "pathname neutral" (the
option itself cannot contain runtime dependent paths). For that we
currently have 2 patches:

	- support variable expansions:
	    REPROFLAGS+=    -fdebug-prefix-map=\$$NETBSDSRCDIR=/usr/src
	    REPROFLAGS+=    -fdebug-prefix-map=\$$X11SRCDIR=/usr/xsrc
	  this is because we cannot say:
	    REPROFLAGS+=    -fdebug-prefix-map=${NETBSDSRCDIR}=/usr/src
	  because the expansion of ${NETBSDSRCDIR} varies
	- support regular expression expansions to handle various objdirs

Instead what I propose we do, is revert the variable expansion patch and
the regexp patch and don't include -fdebug-prefix-map to the part of the
command line exported to Dwarf. This will allow us to use:

Fix the obj dirs:
    REPROFLAGS+= -fdebug-prefix-map=${.OBJDIR}=${.CURDIR:S@/usr/src@/usr/obj@}
Fix the source dirs:
    REPROFLAGS+= -fdebug-prefix-map=${NETBSDSRCDIR}=/usr/src


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