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Masao Uebayashi writes:
> My recollection is that COPTS used to be a make variable, that is only
> set by users, but never set by system (in-tree) makefiles.  Now there
> are not many but some places where COPTS are set by system makefiles.
> i believe that COPTS+=-fxxx and COPTS+=-DXXX are replaced with
> CFLAGS+=-fxxx and CPPFLAGS+=-DXXX respectively.

this doesn't match what my memory says, though it's not *entirely*
wrong.  COPTS seems to be stuff shared, though it's confusing.

history on eg, shows that CPUFLAGS is actually what you
propose COPTS is supposed to be, but sadly, if you look around,
you'll see that we set CPUFLAGS in our tree a whole lot of places.

ie, this is a real mismash and some clean up would be great.  what
you said seems good as a first step.  thanks.


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