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Re: retrocomputing NetBSD style

>> GAW Wrote:
>> > I really don't understand anyone who has the desire to try to run
>> > on a VAX-750 to build even just a kernel, let alone the
>> > whole distribution.
>> I recall a time where NetBSD/vax was broken for a long time because
>> everyone was cross-building; as soon as a native build was attemped,
>> the brokenness showed up.
>> I native build on _everything_.  If it can't native build, it isn't
>> really part of my stable, so to speak.
> Yes, there is that issue!
> See, for instance, my recent posts comparing assembler output from
> kernel compiles done by the same compiler when run on amd64 vs. i386.
> However those are the kinds of bugs one might hope can be caught by
> decent enough regression tests of the compiler and its toolchain.

Could always set up the machine (or simulator) as a remote target and
run the cross-compiler against that; or perhaps that is a lost art :-(


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