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config(1) and wedges

It seems that config(1) doesn't currently let one wire down root on a
wedge. This clearly sucks for anyone who needs to do that.

Two options have come up for fixing this, with the following syntax:
   (a) config netbsd root on "wedge:foo" ...
   (b) config netbsd root on wedge foo ...

The first is an obvious one-line change, but the results are IMO kind
of ugly though consistent with elsewhere. The second involves this
patch, or a debugged version of it:
and makes "wedge" a keyword, which is maybe untidy in a different
way. Either way the wedge name can be in quotes if it contains spaces
or control characters or whatever.

Also in both cases it will become possible to dump to wedges too.


(turquoise with lime accents)
David A. Holland

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