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re: Parallel build failure on OSX

> > Any way line 98 of version 1.49 src/share/mk/ has a mkdir 
> > without -p and I expect thatâ??s whatâ??s causing the immediate problem.
> So is it consensus that the -p ought to be added there?
> It looks very reasonable to me and it also looks very reasonable that it's 
> hard to run into the problem not only because it's a race, but also because 
> you have to start with something like a fresh CVS checkout to make it happen.

i don't think it's resaonable because it is pointing out a real
issue.  what could happen is that two "dependall" phases could
enter at the same time and stomp on each other, and the "-p" fix
will paper over one symptom of the real problem (the one that
actually catches stuff, it seems, since this is a long standing
problem that appears to exist in multiple places.)

we should fix the SUBDIRs lists.


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