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Re: Parallel build failure on OSX

I’m having trouble reproducing exactly the same output as Edgar. I don’t have a Fusion Drive, so I’m running everything from a RAM disk instead. I’ve been using "-j 8” instead of "-j 4” and the problem might be very finicky about runtime conditions.

Any way line 98 of version 1.49 src/share/mk/ has a mkdir without -p and I expect that’s what’s causing the immediate problem.

Can you try adding the -p and see if the problem goes away.


On 10/01/2015, at 5:18 am, Edgar Fuß <> wrote:

>> They should be doing mkdir -p foo
> Can someone with an understanding of the BSD build system tell me whether 
> whoever is doing
> --- obj-external ---
> #    objdir  /Users/ef/local/build/NetBSD-7/external/bsd/libarchive/lib/libarchive_fe/obj
> and
> --- obj-lib ---
> #    objdir  /Users/ef/local/build/NetBSD-7/external/bsd/libarchive/lib/libarchive_fe/obj
> is using -p?

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