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Re: Avoiding #define uint8_t (and similar) in stdint.h

In article <>,
Martin Husemann  <> wrote:
>I think I have discussed this issue with some folks here (apb? christos?)
>some time ago, but I can't find any traces of the discussion right now -
>so let me try to start from scratch:
>We have this strange construct in <stdint.h>:
>#ifndef uint8_t
>typedef __uint8_t       uint8_t;
>#define uint8_t         __uint8_t
>... and repeat for all other types.
>AFAICT this is standard conformant and all fine, however it leads to tricky
>failures in some C++ pkgs, so we have ugly (and not upstreamable) patches
>for example in www/firefox.

Can you explain what is failing? I am not sure that putting all of
them in one file achieves the goal because it will make a lot more
things visible than they are supposed to be. Like should size_t
become visible if you include <sys/stat.h>?


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