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re: Special kernel config include file for DIAGNOSTIC defaults

> Some other things to at least think about:
>    - making src/sys/conf the place we config kernels from (and
>      therefore, presumably, src/sys/compile the place we build them)
>      and making the MD parts the include files, even though this is a
>      big departure;

err, are you going to have GENERIC_$MACHINE or how does this work?

>    - adding syntax to config to support explicit conditional blocks,
>      so include files like GENERIC.MI can turn on and off whole lists
>      of things based on single, easily-settable options;

what we need is to extend "if*" to work on more than just attributes.
there are already conditionals, but they don't work on "options".

>    - adding a way to turn on and off whole subtrees of the device
>      hierarchy, to allow e.g. "disable usb" without having to
>      explicitly also turn off all the devices that attach to usb;

you mean like "no usb"?  that just works, and has for years.
(you might also want to "no ehci", etc, but you can disable
entire trees simply.)


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