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Re: Special kernel config include file for DIAGNOSTIC defaults

Martin Husemann <> writes:

> Assuming something like: src/sys/conf/diagnostic.conf with a single line
> no options DIAGNOSTIC
> in it on release branches, and
> options DIAGNOSTIC
> in -current.
> Everyone is then supposed to remove the hard coded "options DIAGNOSTIC" from
> all kernel config they hit and can build-test and replace them with an
> include of the new file. If we miss some kernel configs in the initial pass,
> we can fix them later - basically noboy complained about wrong DIAGNOSTIC
> on netbsd-6 so far.

That sounds good.   It's perhaps like filesystems.config.

Beyond the scope of your problem, and perhaps best kept separate from

It may be that the file should also have DEBUG, LOCKDEBUG (but commented
out even in current), so that it's a single place to toggle debugging.

We have GENERIC.local in at least i386, but it's also included in other
configs (XEN3_DOM{0,U}).   So I wonder if we should have
sys/arch/conf/GENERIC.local, with the notion that all checked-in kernel
configs include taht, in addition to the arch-specific one.  This is
really heading down the path of deconstructing the standard config into
pieces that can be included differently.

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