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Re: gcc m68k default optimization flag

mrg@ wrote:

> > I'd like to change the default optimization flag ("DBG" in
> > from "-Os" to "-O2 -fno-reorder-blocks" to generate more efficient code.
> this seems fine to me.  should we consider it for netbsd-6, too?

On NetBSD/m68k -current, libgcc_s fails with -O2 and needs tweaks:

On NetBSD/m68k 6.1.4, libgcc_s doesn't fail but sqlite3 needs workaround:

I wonder if we should also specify "-fno-tree-vrp -fno-tree-pre"
because I've seen many similar "Warning: .word .Lxxxx-.Lxxxx+0 didn't fit"
warnings during pkgsrc builds (perl etc.) on NetBSD/m68k 6.1.4...

Izumi Tsutsui

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