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Re: Porting NetBSD to Eco32

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 16:33:01 +0200, Jens Mehler wrote:

> Hi everyone !
> Currently a small team is porting NetBSD to a new processor called
> eco32. It's an educational 32bit RISC processor for which I had already
> ported GCC and Binutils.
> Currently we are working with NetBSD 6.0.1:
> It was the lastest stable release as we started this project about one
> year ago - give and take half a year :)
> I know about the securety issues with this version and we are planning
> on updating as soon as we got it working (somehow beeing able to boot
> that stuff into single user mode).
> Anyway.
> While being able to cross-build the kernel and loading binaries
> (self-written) instead of the default init, I started to work on the
> userland part.
> I took a pretty much stupid approach:
> ./ -M ../obj/ -T ../tools/ -D ../dest/ -R ../release/ -u -U -m
> eco32 distribution
> After fixing up the missing file errors like missing libc it spits:
> obj ===> lib/../external/gpl3/gcc/lib/crtstuff
> nbmake:
> "/hdd/home/okarin/eco32/netbsd-on-eco32/usr/src/external/gpl3/gcc/lib/crtstuff/Makefile"
> line 33: Cannot open
> /hdd/home/okarin/eco32/netbsd-on-eco32/usr/src/external/gpl3/gcc/lib/crtstuff/arch/
> So I read around the mailing lists an came cross the src/tools directory.
> In the gcc directoy I found a README :) - happy as I was I started that
> procedure:
> It resulted in utter failure: step 2 fails :(
> I think I am missing a step between before the native GCC part.
> Any pointers would be nice :)

You should probably switch to USE_COMPILERCRTSTUFF to "no" in
share/mk/ and provide necessary bits in lib/csu

IIRC, current no longer use gcc crt stuff at all on all platforms, so
you gonna need that anyway :)


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