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Re: Building in a read only repository

I routinely use the following the tiny helper script to build
the entire NetBSD tree which is isolated from the absolute
/usr/src path.

sh ./ -m $machine \
        -u -U \
        -T $work/$tools \
        -D $work/$build/$machine/root \
        -R $work/$build/$machine/release \
        -O $work/$build/$machine/obj \
        ${MAKECONF} ${buildop-"build"}

The above is hard-linked to have multiple names like as
build-i386, build-amd64 and so-on.

The directory structure is;
   <TOP>/usr/src ... can be read-only

The typical usage is;
    cd <TOP>/usr/src ; ~/bin/build-i386 tools kernel=GENERIC

The resulting binary is made at build/i386/release or so.

This approach has such a advantage to allow multiple cross
compilations in parallel out of a single source tree.

-nisimura / ALKYL Technology /

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