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Re: Subject: c++ vs locales

On 12/12/2013, at 9:01 am, TKlausner <> wrote:

> Using  LC_CTYPE="C" cclive  works as
>> well, although yielding another error:
>> Checking ... ......... libquvi: error: no support: 
> Well, of course, since /some/valid/url is not a valid URL :)

I found that HTTPS didn’t work so "cclive”; failed, but stripping the ’s’ and 
running "cclive”; worked just fine 
for me.

>> cclive is using boost-libs and there were some patches avoiding the
>> locale error in .
> But that one is marked as fixed/closed. Is there a newer one, like the
> last comment requests?

I know it’s not the answer you are looking for, but would it be reasonable to 
add more to the error message so that it told the users to set LC_CTYPE=C? That 
would at least tell the user how to download the video they want (even if they 
have to use Google translate to read the error message). 


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