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Re: [Greg Troxel] CVS commit: src/external/gpl3/gdb/lib/libsim

On Mon, 04 Nov 2013, Greg Troxel wrote:
I have found several Makefiles to use "cp [mumble] ${.TARGET}".

It might be better for them to use one of the *INSTALL* variables, such as ${INSTALL_FILE} or ${HOST_INSTALL_FILE}, or perhape BUILDSYMLINKS, depending on the reason for the copy.

This assumes, the second time it is run, that the copied file will be writable. But if one is using CVSREAD+t, or has the sources 44 for some reason, it won't be. So I wonder if we need ${CP} variable that expands to cp -f, or if all cp should get -f added.

Or explicitly set the permissions on the copied file.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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