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Re: "Fixing" new ld(1) DT_NEEDED handling

On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 17:15:49 +0000, David Holland wrote:

> I'm not convinced that the new behavior is right, but I'm also not
> convinced that it's any more wrong than the previous behavior. The
> real issue we need to think about is this: because gnu ld is the
> implementation almost everyone uses, this change in behavior is de
> facto a change in the standard behavior. Right now, adopting it will
> require a lot of patching in pkgsrc; but if we don't go along,
> eventually *not* adopting it will require a lot of patching in pkgsrc
> too.

Solaris linker does and, iirc, have been behaving like this.

Linker and Libraries Guide / Part No: 819-0690-10 / November 2011,
page 37:

| If a shared object has dependencies on other shared objects, these
| dependencies can also be processed.  This processing occurs after
| all command line input files have been processed, to complete the
| symbol resolution process.  However, the shared object names are not
| recorded as dependencies in the output file image being generated.

So pkgsrc already should be handling the new way to work on Solaris,
shouldn't it?


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