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Re: bmake exports disallowed environment variables

In article <>,
Simon J. Gerraty <> wrote:
>Hi Chris,
>>bmake appears to export ${.MAKE.LEVEL} into the environment, which sh
>>doesn't support, due to the leading '.'.   Normally this is ignored,
>Yes, though env(1) does allow it.  The leading '.' was deliberately chosen
>to reduce the risk of this being picked up from user environment.
>That is, if make finds .MAKE.LEVEL in its environment, then it "trusts"
>it - either an ancestor was make (rather than say gmake), or the user
>"must know what they are doing".
>In short, I'd like to leave it as is.

Even as it is, it is broken. Read the commit message. I think being
compatible with gmake is good.


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