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gdb crossbuild for evbppc

  I'm trying to get gdb to crossbuild for evbppc.
I've set MKCROSSGDB ( -V MKCROSSGDB=yes ...) but get the following errors:

src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c: In function 'do_gettimeofday': src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c:741: error: 'SYS___gettimeofday50' undeclared (first use in this function) src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c:741: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c:741: error: for each function it appears in.) src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c: In function 'do_getrusage': src/tools/gdb/../../external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc/emul_netbsd.c:771: error: 'SYS___getrusage50' undeclared (first use in this function)

Looking further at how gcc builds find but gdb fails I find the two directories:
gnu/dist/gdb6/sim/ppc used for building gcc
external/gpl3/gdb/dist/sim/ppc for building gdb
  have identical READMEs (PSIM 1.0.1 - Model of the PowerPC Environments)
but the gdb6 ChangeLog show lots of updates since the gpl3/gdb directory.

  Is this the problem ?

  Martin L. Resnick
  Raytheon BBN Technologies
  10 Moulton St., Cambridge, MA, 02138

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