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Adding elftosb as a tool


I wane add elftosb as a tool to the NetBSD tool chain. Elftosb is
needed to prepare ELF executables for booting on a Freescale i.MX23
application processor. I.e. It converts the ELF file format into a
special "sb" file format that the in-chip-ROM first stage bootloader
can read and execute.

elftosb is a package that contains three programms (elftosb, sbtool and
sbkeygen) and a static library used by these three programms. It comes
with simple Makefiles, no autoconf or the like. I imported elftosb into
src/external/bsd/elftosb and can (cross) build the three programms as
target programms.

But how to add this as a tool?
I had a look at various Makefiles below src/tools. Adding a single
programm without a lib is trivial. More complex programms that add
several executabels like binutils use some autoconf magic. pkg_install
does somthing in the way I need, but it is unused and suffers from
bitrot. Doing somthing sililar like pkg_install results in:
[jkunz@MissSophie elftosb]$ nbmake-evbarm obj 
obj ===> lib
cd: can't cd
to /datengrab/src/NetBSD/current/src/tools/elftosb/lib/../compat

Note: I have never done any NetBSD userland hacking before. So I am
quite unfamilar with the userland makefile infrastructure.
/usr/share/mk/bsd.README didn't get me much enlightening either about
building tools.



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