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LLVM-related projects and the steps to a GPL-free runtime

Hi all,
as you might have seen, I've been working on LLVM/Clang support in base
and pkgsrc. I would like to continue and actually bring both into the
base system as alternative compiler at least for X86. In the near
future, I want to also completent this with a number of libraries to
replace the GNU library stack: compiler-rt, libc++, libcxxrt and either
libunwind or something functionally equivalent.

There are a number of missing items to get libc++ fully working, but
that can be done incrementally. Clang in base gives easy access to
another set of compiler warnings, normally less optimizer sensitive than
GCC, as well as a modern code base for a static analyzer (to replace

Due to the highly active upstream, I want to avoid any local
(non-temporary) changes and would request a pre-commit filter for HEAD
for the corresponding parts of src. It is very easy to get upstream
commit access for LLVM-related projects and all patches should be
committed upstream first. If it is really necessary to apply a short
term band aid, it can still go unto the vendor branch.


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