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LibreOffice crashes on 6.x, possibly libc-related


I'm posting this here on the advice of Thomas Klausner.

It is impossible to build LibreOffice on NetBSD 5.99/6.x, one of the
binaries involved in the process segfaults 100% of the time:

/bin/bash: line 1: 22205 Segmentation fault      (core dumped)
 /disk/4/archive/tmp/ftigeot/core/solver/ -ro 
uno_services.rdb -ro uno_types.rdb -s --

I've put the full stack trace here:

The segfault is caused by an invalid pointer used in a __sync_add_and_fetch

I briefly had a look at the functions used in the backtrace and nothing
seemed wrong with the LibreOffice code.

The rtl* symbols present in the backtrace makes me suspect something in libc
and/or ld.elf_so

One of the first results when googling for them is this PR Thomas had opened
in 2010:

LibreOffice makes heavy usage of advanced C++ constructor/destructor features
which need to have special libc support; DragonFly also had strange issues
like this one before bugfixes from FreeBSD where committed to its libc.
They were mostly pthread and cxa_finalize related if I remember correctly.

The problem can be easily reproduced by trying to build wip/libreoffice on
recent versions of NetBSD (I tested with amd64; i386 should give the same

I hope some libc/toolchain specialist could sched some more light on this

Francois Tigeot

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