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Re: Tests requiring MD hooks

On 11.07.2011 18:13, Matt Thomas wrote:
> Would the easiest method be something like:
> volatile int a1;
> extern const char mprotect_this[];
> void
> victim(void)
> {
>       a1 = 1;
>       __insn_barrier();
>       __asm volatile(".globl mprotect_this" __ASM_DELIMITER
>               "mprotect_this:");
>       a1 = 0;
> }

Yeah, I gave the "volatile" approach a try, but reusability is almost
nil. Sooner or later I'll have to copy a payload somewhere for testing
(easiest example: in a stack array), so I am back to my original issue:
generate trivial MD code in pure-C, and have a way to copy it
arbitrarily at any place in memory.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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