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GCC 4.5 update -- status

hi folks.

as many of you have probably seen, i've been working on getting GCC 4.5.3
into the tree.  so far i've gotten most of the changes needed in other
parts of the tree merged (there are a few i haven't decided how to fix
and may punt for now.)

i've gotten mknative-gcc working well enough to build the native libgcc,
crtstuff and libobjc, which means it's enough to build an entirely world
with MKCXX=no.  on amd64, this world is working.

one of the bigger issues to solve is building GMP for all our platforms.
i've commited the frame work for amd64, and a script to help build the
platform-specific code for this, but a better solution may be necessary
here.  (something along the lines of mknative-gmp.)  i've added a README
to src/external/lgpl3/gmp that describes the basic steps in porting the
build framework.  it would be great if people looked at this for other
platforms.  i'll probably look at sparc64 and i386 next, but it will be
a few more days until i get to any more of this.  (developers, please
feel free to commit stuff here.  contact me if you need more help.)

there's still a fair bit to go:

        - libstdc++ build has changed, mknative-gcc needs to be adjusted

        - libdecnumber, libgomp, libmudflag need to be built

        - profit!

        - the makefiles for all the binaries need to be upated, if only
          to link gmp/mpfr/mpc/decnumber/gomp/mudflag where necessary

        - consider the dl_iterate_phdr change drochner suggested

        - ???

that's all that comes to mind right now, i'm sure there's more.


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