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Re: make: empty lhs for SysV style subst

apb writes:

>>if FOO is empty it should print
>Yes, it should append "bar" to each word, doing nothing if there 
>are no words.

Yes.  Our current make does

FOOBAR = bar

>Will this do the right thing in the presence of changes to the way 
>words are separated (:tsX, :tW, and friends)?

I'm not sure what "the right thing" would be in such cases,
and I presume you mean :tsX etc befor the sysV style (which must be the
last modifier anyway)

This is what our make would currently do with:

$ make -V '${one two three:L:tsX:=bar}' 
$ make -V '${one two three:L:tW:=bar}'  
one two threebar

and the patched version does the same.  
But it now gets the correct result for the empty var case.

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