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Re: Initial LLVM/clang patch

On Thu Feb 03 2011 at 16:39:12 +0100, Alistair Crooks wrote:
> > At the moment, I do not plan to import the upstream LLVM or clang
> > sources. src/external/llvm/Makefile has a checkout target using svn to
> > get the "proven" revision as specified in This avoids
> > having to deal with regular imports and repo churn associated.
> That's a neat trick, but I feel it's not the right way to attack the
> issues:

To me it sounds like a great idea to make development smoother, at least
while llvm is experimental.

We discussed a similar approach even for non-experimental toolchains in
the 20101101 core meeting, but there was no clear consensus on that.
This experiment will allow us to better see the pros and cons of such
an approach.

> 1.  checking existing version informatino, and optionally downloading,
> verifying integrity, making sure pre-reqs are in place, configuring
> for the host, building and packaging up the result are best done in
> pkgsrc - that's what it's designed for.  Re-inventing a subset of this
> in src strikes of point solutions and re-inventing wheels.

Seems like the only required action is "make checkout" which runs two
svn commands.

> 2. Doing this in src means that no binary packages for the toolchain.


> For me, that's a necessity for an external toolchain.

> 3. serious build farms are in walled off areas, accessible only through
> draconian security measures. All output is signed, and snapshots are
> taken and preserved of the results. That might prove problematic for
> this implementation.
> 4. A subversion client is needed to do this, so we need some form of
> pkgsrc installed. We've always taken the view that the tools needed to
> download and build src are in src - hence cvs's presence, etc. To me,
> this is asking a bit too much.

While these are good points for an officially supported toolchain,
I don't think they matter, quoting Joerg, "at the moment".

älä karot toivorikkauttas, kyl rätei ja lumpui piisaa

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