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Re: make: ignore stale .depend

On Nov 26,  9:45am, ("Simon J. Gerraty") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: make: ignore stale .depend

| >I have to say I don't like all this magic, since it re-running make
| >will do the same dance over and over again without fixing the dependency.
| Only if you use manual 'make depend' - which I haven't done for about 10
| years.  So in my build the problem fixes itself automatically, once it
| gets past this issue.
| With this patch, the warning is sufficiently verbose as to call
| attention to the need to re-run 'make depend' if that's the model you
| are using.

Well, I am trying to understand what's going on here and how things are
supposed to work. I run make build, and after rb.h was renamed to rbtree.h
I get warnings about rb.h not found in /usr/src/lib/librump. Each time
I type make dependall in that directory, the dependencies are not being
re-made, I get the same warnings and the files that used to depend in
rb.h get rebuilt. How does your patch address this?

| >I think I prefer if make just exits on stale dependencies. I would go
| >as far as having an option to touch the *.d files as necessary to make
| >them stale :-)
| That wouldn't make my 1000+ developers very happy.

I understand, but I want to find a solution that does not cause make to
look for things in unexpected places.


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