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Re: MK variables and removal of old files

ÎÏÎÏ ÎÎÎÏÏÎ 01 ÎÎÏÎÎÎÏ 2010 00:47:37 matthew green ÎÏÎÏÎÏÎ:
> it seems to me that a simple patch to the sets builder scripts would
> enable it to output "obsolete" files with de-selected option files
> included as well...  something in the awk program embedded in
> src/distrib/sets/sets.subr::list_set_files.

Yes, i used the same file as a guide to generate the paths.
Here is what i did in case someone wants to take a look at it
out of curiosity. It is in a ugly-was-only-intended-for-me state.

I had a feeling it can be done quickly that is why i asked here.
When following -current, sometimes i have cought the CVS
tree in a state that the build failed with messages "files X,Y,Z in flist
but not in destdir" or the opposite. However, the files from
the disabled parts didn't stop the build, so i thought that the build
system has a fast way to grep the distrib lists and autogenerate
the list of files that should be in destdir.

> i think it should be a non-default option, but i think it would be
> worth supporting.

I am surprised that nobody else considered this. With the flexibility of
the build system, i thought it would be a common need.

Thank your for replying.

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