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Re: make command-line overrides Makefile...sometimes?

>> Under 4.0.1, I find that LIBDIR works - ie, library installation
>> goes where I want it to - but MANDIR and INCSDIR don't; it uses the
>> Makefile's settings for those.
> I seem to recall one or more problems of this nature getting fixed at
> one point.  Does 4.0_STABLE's make exhibit the same behavior?

That's a CVS tag, right?  I can't seem to check it out:

[Truly-Delicious] 27> cvs checkout -r 4.0_STABLE src/usr.bin/make
cvs [checkout aborted]: Numeric tag 4.0_STABLE contains characters other than 
digits and '.'

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a cvs version issue, or what?
In case it helps, the cvs that produced the above reports itself as
1.11.1p1; the one that ships with 4.0.1 calls itself 1.11.22 - but even
1.11.22 appears to contain the same check.

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