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Re: make: modifier to run realpath() on variable?

In article <>,
Simon J. Gerraty <> wrote:
>The next version of bmake will have a dependency on realpath()
>so I'd like to be able to replace things like:
>${.PARSEDIR:C,.*,cd & \&\& 'pwd',:sh}
>which is expensive if you have to do it 200k times
>to convert .PARSEDIR to an absolute path.
>(if realpath fails, the value is not touched).
>'A' (or 'a') for 'A'bsolute - but 'r' (or 'R') for 'realpath' might
>work too.  
>The patch is trivial - apart from picking a name.

A is better for me. I guess did not mean to steal the R from .PARSEDIR.


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