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Re: config(5) break down

2010/3/15 Wojciech A. Koszek <>:
>        device  X
> builds device X staticly into the kernel (and maybe does something
> device-specific), while:
>        module  X
> Only builds a KLD. I picked "module", since it seems to be more-or-less an 
> oposite of:
>        static  X
> which could build feature "X", which is not a device" staticly. I think your
> config(8) has this problem solved somehow, since you seem to have "filesystem"
> keyword as well.  Nowadays, given that as you mentioned for NetBSD, in FreeBSD
> we also have no scoping for config(8), we must build all KLDs just in case
> someone needs them, since we don't know which file belongs to which module.

Who writes these in what file?

> I was wondering how does Linux/Solaris kernel build system work in terms of
> opt_*.h files?  Do they have some alternative solutions for #ifdef's based on
> what has been included into the kernel at configuration time?

Without looking them, I don't think any infrastructural (== config(1)
itself) change helps.  Why not fix source code rather than "improving"


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