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Re: HAVE_PCC documentation? Other build toolchains?

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> Just noticed HAVE_PCC. Is this documented anywhere? Is this to use pcc
> as an alternative to gcc and parts of binutils for building NetBSD on
> some platforms. Any details or hints would be appreciated.

it is not documented so far, since the pcc compiler is not quite yet
useful to build NetBSD sources

what HAVE_PCC does is to build a version of pcc during the tools target,
but there is a side effect, in that HAVE_GCC won't default to "4" so
unless you set that manually, the build will fail.

Also, to use the pcc tool binary, you would have to set USETOOLS_PCC=yes

> Any other ways to build with alternatives like clang/LLVM or llvm-gcc ?

AFAIK, no really


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