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Re: Confused about MKBUILD=yes

On Monday 08 March 2010 07:24:38 David Holland wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 01:33:43AM -0500, Richard Hansen wrote:
> > While investigating a segfault in libpam on the netbsd-5 branch, I
> > discovered that MKDEBUG=yes (see mk.conf(5)):
> >
> >   * does not install debugging symbols for libraries
> >   * does not install any debug symbols at all (because it does not cause
> > -g to be passed to gcc)
> >   * does not strip debug symbols from installed binaries
> >
> > This behavior is contrary to my expectations, and arguably contrary to
> > the documentation of MKDEBUG in mk.conf(5).
> At least the first point sounds like a bug; the second one is somewhat
> arguable (I would say it ought to change the default for $(DBG), but
> someone else might say otherwise); and the third one is quite
> arguable.

Someone(tm) should fix the first point and then we can get rid of MKDEBUGLIB. 
I think it's a few lines of changes in, but I've not got around to 
looking closely.


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