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RE: Using for cross builds

        Some of you expressed interest if I came up with a solution.  I have a 
hack that works.  It allows for a centralized read-only TOOLDIR, I look for an 
environment variable TRUST_TOOLDIR to be "yes".  I didn't take the time to make 
it a option, and it has a side effect.  The nbmake wrapper build I 
came up with a manageable hack.  It results in a local version of the nbmake-* 
being created in the NETBSDSRCDIR.
        It would be nice if this was a flag in, and to skip the nbmake 
wrapper build if the tools aren't being built.  The ability to over-ride OBJDIR 
and DESTDIR from the local environment/ input -- currently, I'm 
changing those by hand right now.  The only reason I mention it is, that I may 
complete these features.  Right now is not possible.
        I've attached a context diff of and Makefile.  Hope it helps 
someone else.

- bob

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