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Re: host endianness

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:

> If you can assume target == host,
> (building src/usr.bin/pcc using /usr/bin/pcc)
> you can simply use TARGET_ENDIANNESS for the host,

(apologies, I accidentally replied off list yesterday)

I had another thought - probably my desire to fix this is misplaced!

As pcc is a compiler, its definition of "target" and "host" is not the
same as the Makefile definition (doh). The build "target" will be the pcc
"host", and we never " distribution" where the pcc "host" and
"target" will differ..

When different host and target is wanted, we would make a cross-compiler
for the current host system using " -m target tools" (which uses a
configure script to determine host endianness).

I will add a comment to explain that, and use the same endian for target
and host..


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