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Re: libelf

On Jan 12, 2010, at 8:37 AM, David Holland wrote:

> Any such strategic moves should be made with at least one eye towards
> moving on from ELF. It's not as set as all that and ELF has plenty of
> defects.

What would you suggest?  I don't see any practical alternative to ELF out there 
now, nor on the horizon.  The only object format that would even be close in 
terms of capabilities at this point would be Mach-O, and that's impractical for 
a variety of reasons.

What are the defects in Elf as you see them?

> btw, your mailer is sending very long lines.

Eh, it's just the Mail app on Snow Leopard ... Most MUAs I've seen these days 
wrap the lines in a reasonable fashion, although some mailing list software 
biffs the formatting.

-- thorpej

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