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re: extsrc - standard way for locally managed reach-overs

   > I can see some value in an easy way for end users or third party
   > system integrators to add extra software to the build.  But what's
   > the point of using /usr/ext/{bin,lib,...} instead of /usr/{bin,lib,...}?
   I have no strong opinion about that part.  I followed the way X11 /
   do.  One thing is a separate directory has less chance to conflict with the
   official distribution?

i agree with alan.

the main reason X goes elsewhere is that is how X has been since
before netbsd existed... if i had a total do-over, i'd consider
having it in /usr like normal.

of course, each extsrc component should also be able to choose
the files they install, and maybe even pick a component-specific
prefix... i think allowing this would be best.


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