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Re: "right" way to upgrade to gcc-4.4.1

David wrote:
> pkgsrc head recently added support for gcc-4.4.1.  I've tried it and
> it works well (save for a BUILD_JAVA crash).  I'd like to use
> gcc-4.4.1 to rebuild the NetBSD world (seamlessly picked up by
> for i386 and a few cross targets.  My question is:  What's
> the "right" way to replace gcc-4.1.3 with the now-working gcc-4.4.1?

It'd have to end up in base for that, and considering it's CommiePL v3,
I don't think that'll happen soon. I don't know what the official stance
of core@ is on this matter...

        Thomas E. Spanjaard

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