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Start of coding with Google Summer of Code

Hi all,
Some of you will be aware that we (I) am now in the official coding
period for GSoC. As I mentioned in in my proposal, I will be taking
annual leave from my employer and using some university holidays to do
this work. That will start in two weeks time. 

Over the next two weeks I will be working very hard to complete all the
university assignments and lab work that my lecturers "forgot" to assign
until the last minute. Please don't be surprised when I go a bit quiet
over the next two weeks. Actually, I'll probably be cursing like a
sailor, I just won't put it in an email to you folks.

This is why I started working on this project as soon as I could. I have
almost reached the end of week two milestone, so I'm not too far off.
With a bit of luck, I'll have actually reached my end of week three
milestone by the end of next week (one week ahead of schedule) when I
start working on this full time.


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