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New linker scripts for MULTIPROCESSOR ports

Hi all,

I've a need to add some linker scripts to some ports that support 
MULTIPROCESSOR and don't currently use a non-default linker script. The new 
kernel linker scripts for alpha, macppc, powerpc and vax are attached. The 
linker scripts are a copy of the default linker scripts currently used when 
building the kernel, apart from the two new sections I've added:

        o .data.cacheline_aligned
        o .data.read_mostly

These two new sections are only used when MULTIPROCESSOR is defined. The idea 
is that variables that need to be aligned on cacheline boundaries are placed in 
the .data.cacheline_aligned section, and variables that are infrequently 
modified are placed into the .data.read_mostly section. This helps mitigate 

The rest of the patch which actually places variables in the two sections will 
be sent in another mail when it's ready. It's not too far off now.

Can the CC'd port-maintainers please speak up if they have a problem with me 
committing these patches?

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